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Human Kindness
Help End Hunger and Poverty
Disaster Relief
Disaster Relief


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Changing Real Lives Of Real People
In Need Around The World 

Donors have the ability to have their money go directly to help communities as we have volunteers
on the ground in over 215 nations and territories. Donate to the cause of your choice
and see the people you help. Working collectively and individually, we make an impact by taking action. We strengthen education with free classes, mentor and tutor youth, educate farmers, care about our planet, promote health, stand against child abuse,  and support economic development. 
We seek to reduce hunger, improve nutrition, and protect our global natural resources, worldwide.
Working around the world to empower, protect, build resiliency, and sustainability to make a Global Impact

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Please donate to the cause of your choice. By donating, you will help those in need and put smiles on children's facesWatch the video above for more information. 

Building Human Bridges
"We Love, We Care, We Share" 

During the past seven years, we created a massive network of humanitarians.  Global Goodwill Ambassadors Foundation is officially registered as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity.

GGA is now uniquely set up to be a "donor-to-community charity."  We have people on the ground in every country of the world where we run projects to protect our donor's contributions. We identify the need to help people in vital areas following the UN SDG model.  

Our projects are submitted for evaluation and once approved, we schedule a campaign to raise the funds needed to hit each goal. Our members on the ground will ensure the guardianship of these projects through their completion. The GGA monthly newsletter will highlight these projects to give donors a special satisfaction that they are giving to the specific projects they intended their donation to go to.  

The seven years of preparation has led us to a place where the Global Goodwill Ambassadors Foundation can help the world through our beautiful network of humanitarian members.

GGAF is a proud partner of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.


Richard DiPilla

Lisa Jones

Chairman  &

CEO & President


As founder and CEO of GGAF, Richard DiPilla's journey began with a simple promise to end bias and hate around the world by recognizing individuals who were doing wonderful work to help those in need. Richard wanted to break the stereotypical information that was often given to use by the media and didn't allow the beauty of other cultures and countries to shine through.


What Richard has built over the past eight years has brought many people together from around the world who selflessly give their time and energy to make our world a better place. Resources are being shared that are making a difference in our world and long-lasting friendships have been forged. 

His vast experience in marketing/media has been a true asset to spreading the GGAF mission around the world. Thanks to his vision, we are building human bridges and have created a large family of more than 19,000 humanitarians. 

Lisa Jones is president and COO of GGAF and is responsible for the strategic direction and day-to-day operations of  GGAF. Lisa guides GGAF in matters related to governance, financial compliance& reporting, organizational development and structure. She also manages event planning and operations, mission delivery and affiliate operations. 

Lisa Jones also the publisher of our GGAF

 e-magazine "The Ambassador" and also the webmaster.


She works tirelessly on making sure the organization's mission is on track and helps all of the GGAF members with any of their needs when possible. Lisa makes herself available to every GGA as she believes together we make a stronger and lasting impact. 


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Mission, Vision and Core Values of GGAF

Our Mission

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, our mission is to utilize our family of global humanitarians to solve real-life problems in the most disadvantaged parts of the world. Following the sustainable development goals, we are hands-on at the grassroots level to assist women, children, the hungry, the homeless, and disadvantaged people. We also work with verified NGOs who are part of GGAF, in order to raise funds for their initiatives as they will send feedback and pictures to show how the funding was used and the impact it has made. 

We help people from every nation, color, race, and socioeconomic caste. 

We exercise no bias, we are apolitical and

free of hatred. 

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