Each month we bring you inspirational stories about real people and their lives. These people are Global Goodwill Ambassadors and work tirelessly to make their communities, countries, and ultimately the world, a much better place.


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If you would like to submit an article for consideration in The Ambassador, please email a *Word document and include 2- 3 jpegs (no collages) attached in the email (please do not place the jpegs within the Word doc). All articles are based on humanitarian work and pictures (jpegs) of this work should be included. Articles should be based on humanitarian work and photos showing the humanitarian work. GGAF will run specials such as "helpful tips" and "recipes" which will be announced each month (space for these "specials" is limited). Please email to:

When multiple are sent in, it is up to the discretion of the publisher as to how many photos and which photos will be used in the magazine. 

Articles will be chosen based on our guidelines for The Ambassador and in guidance with our nonprofit bylaws. We make no promise that all articles submitted will be published due to the number of articles received and our page limits. GGAF tries to publish the best articles received each month and those received first may take precedence. GGAF always tries to give fairness to articles being published but makes no promise as to the size or page number where articles will be placed. 

*Word documents should be between 200 and 350 words in length. Please also spell and grammar check before sending.  The deadline for submitting articles is always the 15th of each month. Articles longer than 350 words need prior approval from the published, Lisa Jones. 

*Global Goodwill Ambassadors Foundation reserves the editorial rights to edit any submissions and also adjust/crop photos. Any article that promotes the cost of any goods or services will need to contact Lisa Jones for advertorial rates.*

Use of Photography

When photography, movies, marketing material, and other types of print are sent to GGAF via email, these may be used in the website, blog, articles, The Ambassador, and possible marketing materials. We do not have Ambassadors under the age of 18. When parents or guardians send photos, you are giving your implied agreement for use of said photos. Please do not send photos for underage children (18 and under) without permission from the school, parent, guardian, etc. 

Corrections Policy

While we aim for error-free content, mistakes will occur from time to time. We uphold our journalistic integrity by correcting such errors in a timely manner.


For corrections, please send the issue number, page number and specific corrections to be made to:

All policies contained in our Terms of Service are applicable to the e-magazine, The Ambassador