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Global Goodwill Ambassadors Foundation
Board of Directors

The GGAF Board of Directors comprises a diverse group of humanitarians who bring a wealth of expertise and experience to the organization. With their strategic vision and leadership, they guide the direction and growth of GGAF, ensuring its continued success in supporting those starting in "Human Rights." Our Board's commitment to excellence and dedication to the mission of GGAF  & the United Nations make them invaluable assets to the organization.


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Lisa A. Jones
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Razi Hashmi Syed
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Ira Bowman
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Co-Founder & CEO
Co-Founder: GGAF Learning Institute
Co-Publisher: The Ambassador
Senior Vice President
Vice President of Marketing & Projects
Dee Russell-Thomas
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Jasmina Siderovski
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Vice President of International
Affairs & Strategic Partnerships

Dee Russell-Thomas
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Vice President of Professional & Organizational Development
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Vice President of
Continuing Education
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Co-Founder | Ex officio BOD
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