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GGAF Youth Ambassadors Program

The GGAF Youth Ambassador Programme is a movement of vibrant youth who would dare to make a difference across nations, communities and cultures. They care enough to want to make a difference for themselves and the generations to come, that they will leave no stone unturned.

The GGAF Youth Ambassadors will network across regions, nations and cultures, leveraging the global village to learn and work together across 4 main categories.

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Four Main Categories of Focus

1) Children and Their Future
2) Personal Development and Self-Discovery
3) The Environment
4) Community and Society

Global Opportunity

This programme is designed across a unique platform to provide both a learning and sharing opportunity by renowned global specialists. As a GGAF Youth Ambassador, you will have the unique opportunity to reach out to local and overseas peers of like-minded value, and make a difference locally and globally.


Do You Qualify?

  • You are in the age range of 18 to 25?

  • Are passionate about making a difference.?

  • Are looking at ways to improve, advocate and fight for a greater community and create a safer, more responsive future?

  • Are you prepared to join hands to amplify the voices of youth around the world, to speak up and advocate? for global issues?

  • Are prepared to take on the challenge of not just thinking of change – but ready to take action

Then We Need You!

Please complete the application at the link to
apply for our GGAF Youth Ambassador Program

The Role of the GGAF Youth Ambassador

The role of an ambassador is to be an active voice for social causes that mean the most to you while becoming the best version of yourself; thereby a next-generation leader that cares for more than just themselves. An Ambassador cares about the future generations, doesn’t take their responsibility lightly, works to ensure the planet remains green and sustainable and that the vulnerable are taken care of. As an Ambassador your passage into the international arena of making a difference can begin in a safe guided environment where you will have the opportunity to train, learn and be mentored by some of the best global leaders. You will have the opportunity to make the change you’ve dreamed would happen and be rewarded for doing so.

What can GGAF Youth Ambassadors expect?

The GGAF Youth Ambassador programme will bring together young leaders from around the globe, as Ambassadors, to address special causes of concern.

It will further:

  • Connect you with a global network of experts, and other passionate youth ambassadors from around the world.

  • Give you the opportunity to be a part of a like-minded body of professionals, volunteers, and humanitarians from around the world.

  • Be the voice representing your country and community, contributing your knowledge and expertise on issues of global concern such as Children and their safety, Youth progress and development, Environmental protection as well as community and societal care.

  • The chance to attend global events online and offline and participate in global student exchange programmes.

  • Receive a prestigious ID as a GGAF Youth Ambassador and a certificate of recognition as a Youth Ambassador.

  • Receive a letter of service highlighting your involvement and achievement in the programme.

  • Have an opportunity to be considered for GGA membership on completion of your term.

What it means to be a part of GGAF Youth Ambassadors Programme

The GGAF Youth Ambassador programme will bring together young leaders from around the globe, as Ambassadors, to address special causes of concern.

This would be a 1- 5- year commitment depending upon the initial agreement.

To be successful in this programme, you need to:

  • Actively participate.

  • Take initiatives to effect change.

  • Collaborate with your peers locally and globally.

  • Enroll in at least one of the categories available at the GGAF Learning Institute - Children, Career Development & Discovery, Environment, Community & Society.

  • Be fully dedicated and complete the program.

  • Learn and commit to upholding the GGAF Code of Ethics. Read the full code of ethics by clicking on the tab below.


  • Help to capture the needs within their communities through interactive seminars, debates, discussions and surveys and district-level chapters and forums.

  • Identify issues and topics in relation to their chosen category within the respective country, district, or community. Contribute to research and analysis on issues and work towards publishing significant findings.

  • Recruit participants for the forum and identify potential youth ambassadors to join the programme.

  • Organize seminars, awareness programs and/or discussions on topics relating to your chosen category.

  • Raise awareness about the issues and encourage people to report concerns.

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GGAF Learning Institute

The GGAF Learning Institute provides opportunities for Youth Ambassadors to benefit and learn about various subjects including your choice of category for Ambassadorship. The lectures are conducted by experienced and qualified professionals and are considered compulsory to join this programme. The following modules are available for selection. Youth Ambassadors must enrol in at least one of the following groups and can choose to do so in more than one.

These courses are provided free, and available online 24/7.

Click Here To See GGAF Courses

Children and their future

My Body is My Body (Video Study Programme) Course 1

– Child Rights
– Education and Child Protection – Violence against Children

My Body is My Body Programme Course 2

The “My Body is My Body” Programme will give you a
step by step easy way to approach this subject of body safety with young children through the medium of music and cartoons.

Critical Thinking

This course has 12 modules. Each module is comprised of reading material along with assignments and case studies. There is also one video and a quiz of 10 questions. Each module takes approximately one hour to complete.

Understanding the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

This is an introductory course on the United Nations Sustainable Development goals. We explore the SDGs and also explain "clustering" SDGs.

Social Media Responsibility

In the Age of Digital Citizenship: Learn how to stay safe on social media and the internet. We'll cover how to identify scams: practice safe use of technology: understand digital etiquette and more.

Successful Interview Skills to Win Job Offers

This course is to help job seekers when they get to the critical stage of interviewing for a job. Learn about the types of questions asked, how and when to follow up, how to dress for the interview, and more.

Meet our Mentors


Chrissy Sykes

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Adigun Temitayo

Lisa Jones _photo.jpeg

Lisa Jones


Pooja A S


Ghada Sahleh


Dee Russell- Thomas

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