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With more than 18,500 volunteers in 215 nations and territories, our nonprofit is unique in that we get our projects from our communities throughout the world and solve many issues through our own volunteers. 

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Global Goodwill Ambassadors Foundation is dedicated to helping the
marginalized and those in need. 

   Orphan Care
Food Insecurity  | Homelessness
Creating Sustainable Futures With Skill Training & Professional Development
GGAF Learning Institute | Education 
Humanitarian Aid | Refugees
Veterans | Active Duty Military Families


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Support for Ukraine

Due to the war in Ukraine, millions of families have been displaced and many are starving. Global Goodwill Ambassadors Foundation in helping to send food and necessities to the millions that are suffering. Almost
3 million refugees have fled the area to surrounding countries including Poland, Hungry, and other neighboring countries.

Children are suffering and we need to help as this is going to have a prolonged effect on them and many others of all ages. Please help us get the items needed to those who are suffering due to this prolonged war. 

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My Body Is My Body

This child abuse program is free, but we need to leave the children with booklets for reference and proceeds will go to the printing of these booklets to help the children.

Providing Hope to Children

Chrissy Skyes' My Body is My Body free m
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Helping the Homeless

For All Major Home Appliances

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