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We are here to help fund initiatives around the world for prevention of child abuse, preventive care, helping the elderly, veterans, education, disaster relief, homeless and poverty, along with the "girl child" and more while focusing on the UN SDGs. 

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SOIL: Serving Others In Love

Serving Others In Love (SOIL)

Honduras is the second poorest country in Central America, frequently the murder capital of the world and part of the sex trade. Below is an outline of how SOIL (registered NGO) is helping people in Honduras. The current project is to help over 200 churches in Honduras provide assistance to the people in their area to keep them safe at home and productive or their families. 
UN Sustainable Goals: 1, 2 & 3
Goal 1: Sustainable Development - End Poverty In All Forms

Potential for low minimum wage earners of wages from $5,681.73 Honduran lempiras per month ($22.44 lempiras per hour) to $8,803.70 lempiras per month ($36.68 lempiras per hour) with the intent to increase earning power to 150% with improved education and English as a second language while also making individuals better potential legal resident visa recipients in the United States if they desire to immigrate legally. 

Mission Opportunities; Seminary Courses:

  • Church Administration

  • Master Live - The Disciples Personality

  • Bible Training Center for Pastors (10-Course Pack)

  • G.O.A.L.S. Mentoring - a 13-week course

  • Experiencing God - Knowing and Doing the Will of God

  • Project - Saturate Honduras

  • Love Is A Hunger Designed by God - Marriage Seminar

Goal 2: Ending Hunger

Hunger is on the rise again on a global basis and undernutrition continues to affect millions of children. SOIL's current work in Honduras includes feeding over 400 children in several locations. Our hope is to engage many more needy families that are in the neighborhood of over 200 churches. 

Goal 3: Ensure Healthy Lives and Promote Well-Being For All Ages

SOIL has a potentially great facility that has housed as many as a dozen hearing-impaired children. They are now housing 3 children due to a lack of funds; it could minister to as many as 24. This is a place where sign-language is taught as well as assisting autistic children. This creates an opportunity for improved lives for the disadvantaged. 

Immigration Opportunities & Potential Solutions to USA Border Problems

Assist in the issue of reducing illegal immigration and provide support for those wanting to come to America legally. "The person in the greatest danger of living in America is the undocumented immigrant. If his/her employer does not pay him/her, or someone commits a crime against them they have no place to turn, other than criminal behavior." 

Educational Courses:

  • English as Second Language - ESL

  • Civics (Honduran & USA)

  • History (Honduran & USA)

  • Residency interview preparation services; others

Medical Missions

Surgical Teams last conducted in Tocoa, Colon

A Meeting at the White House: October 2019

Dr. Anthony Ponceti was asked to attend by Dr. Ernie Rivera and also invite 50 plus Latino pastors. The group was asked for their recommendations on immigration issues. The following represents the development of a possible method of arriving at a practical step towards a solution:

1. A local pastor knows the church members and other citizens in the community better than all the staff at the USA embassy in Honduras.

2. If a pastor could be trained to assist in filling out the documents for a visa application, it would improve the current quality of these documents.  

3. As the embassy begins to gains respect, admiration, and confidence in specific pastors because of their proven integrity, their recommendations might receive greater respect.  

My Body Is My Body


Are you looking for a way to teach young children about child abuse prevention, but you don’t know where to start?

Look no further !! Our child abuse prevention program contains activities to teach child abuse prevention to children all around the world.

My Body Is My Body Program will give you a step by step easy way to approach this subject through fun animated songs. This simple program will give you a way to empower children and help you open the lines of communication. 


Besides our own program in which we present activities to teach child abuse prevention, we have gathered information of resources around the world and we have an overview of the signs of child abuse available. 

The goal of our international child abuse prevention program is to educate as many children as possible to say NO to any type of abuse.

Approximately five children die every day because of child abuse. 

The Global Goodwill Ambassadors Foundation has chosen this as our core initiative to progressively tackle this issue through a proven educational awareness program aimed at 3 to 9-year-old children. For everyone, its a household problem and it crosses all economic spectrums. 

Here are some staggering statistics:

1 out of 3 girls and 1 out of 5 boys will be sexually abused before they reach age 18. 



90% of child sexual abuse victims know the perpetrator in some way. 68% are abused by a family member. 

In the US, more than 4 children die from child abuse and neglect on a daily basis. Over 70% of these children are below the age of 3. 

MY BODY IS MY BODY is available to every school, orphanage, church, civic club, library, YMCA, and basically everyone. It has already been taught in 59 countries around the world and has been translated into nearly 20 languages. 

Our goal is to educate EVERY child on the planet. We want to stop this abuse by educating children who are abused and don't even realize it at the time. 

Please complete the donate form above and help

us keep children safe.

The program is free including all videos and teaching materials. Our leave behind material costs are for the children's workbook.  They cost approximately $1 per child. $50 for an average class. $100 for a large class. $500 to $1000 for a school. Every dollar helps to educate a child and help prevent child abuse.

The children's workbooks are currently available in English, Arabic, Bengali, Hindi, Urdu, Portuguese, Swahili, and Spanish with more being developed. 


Please join us helping to ensure children have a future free of abuse. 

Let's Help End Homelessness
SDG #1: End poverty in all it's forms everywhere

Adigun Temitayo
VP of Projects ~ Africa, GGA

Wheels of Hope Rising Foundation

Homelessness is something every country is faced with. These people deserve basic human rights and we need to help get them into shelters and sometimes rehab centers. GGA will work with shelters in many different communities to ensure these individuals have food and safe shelter. The winter months are brutal and it's so sad to see large groups of homeless people sleeping outside in the cold. They end up with frostbite or worse - death.


The homeless population is faced with a greater risk to the Coronavirus: According to the New York Times "Doctors say that the country's more than half-million homeless people are at a higher risk of catching and dying from the virus." This is due to the cramped quarters in shelters, sharing of utensils and lack of hand-washing stations on the streets. Donate now to help us ensure shelters are taking precautions and have the items needed to help keep Coronavirus from spreading. 


During the summer months, these homeless often become dehydrated from being outside in the heat. All of our communities could help each other by distributing water to the homeless, donate to the shelters and soup kitchens. 

In January 2018, 552,830 people were counted as homeless in the United States. Of those, 194,467 (35 percent) were unsheltered, and 358,363 (65 percent) were sheltered. The overall homeless population on a single night represents 0.2 percent of the U.S. population, or 17 people per 10,000 in the population according to The State of Homelessness in America - The White House.

When people are assisted with the resources needed they regain a feeling of safety and security and their mental and physical health improves and people often reconnect with employment, health services, education, and community. Young people reconnect with family and re-engage with school. 


Donations will go toward providing clothing, food, and shelter. Your contribution helps provide hope to some of those who need it the most. Let's build partnerships together to put an end to homelessness.




Let's help the homeless and help them to have a beautiful future. Please scroll back up and donate so we can help these individuals. Thank you.
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