Global Goodwill Ambassadors Foundation is a registered 501(c)(3) in the USA. Our non-profit is unique in that we get our projects from our communities throughout the world and solve many issues through our own human volunteers. Because we are a registered non-profit foundation in the USA, all donations are exempt from taxes.


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Donations of any amount are welcome. Your generosity is what enables us to deliver life-changing services to meet the needs of the disadvantaged and most vulnerable families around our world. You can donate by completing the table and clicking on the DONATE BUTTON located at the bottom of the form.

We are here to help fund initiatives around the world for prevention of child abuse, preventive care, helping the elderly, veterans, education, disaster relief, homeless and poverty, along with the "girl child" and more while focusing on the UN SDGs. 

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If you have an initiative that you would like GGAs to help with, please review the information by clicking on the above tab and reach out to Lisa Jones, President & COO. 

Let's Help End Homelessness
SDG #1: End poverty in all it's forms everywhere

Homelessness is something every country is faced with. These people deserve basic human rights and we need to help get them into shelters and sometimes rehab centers. GGA will work with shelters in many different communities to ensure these individuals have food and safe shelter. The winter months are brutal and it's so sad to see large groups of homeless people sleeping outside in the cold. They end up with frostbite or worse - death.


The homeless population is faced with a greater risk to the Coronavirus: According to the New York Times "Doctors say that the country's more than half-million homeless people are at a higher risk of catching and dying from the virus." This is due to the cramped quarters in shelters, sharing of utensils and lack of hand-washing stations on the streets. Donate now to help us ensure shelters are taking precautions and have the items needed to help keep Coronavirus from spreading. 



Bambino Life Foundation

Helping Young Mothers and Girls in Uganda

Bambino Life Foundation teaches teenage mothers and young girls in rural areas how to make reusable sanitary pads as many girls in the rural parts of Uganda cannot afford sanitary pads. Due to the current pandemic, the situation has worsened as these outreach programs are unable to be held.  

More than ever they need our help as the situation is even worse with shops being closed and people worrying more about what to eat to survive, making sanitary pads at the end of the priority list especially in rural areas. The only alternative for so many is the use of rags which are very rough and prone to carrying infections.


This is where we need your help and support, we can do this together! We can help deliver sanitary pads door-to-door for families in rural areas but for that to happen we need your contribution. $5.00 will get us 6 sanitary packs to help six girls. Your $10.00 donation will help 14 girls. No amount is too small.


Let’s all do the best we can to help those in need during this situation.

Ashaba Faridah
Bambino Life Foundation

SOIL: Serving Others In Love

Help Us Educate the Poorest People in the World

Serving Others In Love (SOIL)

Honduras is the second poorest country in Central America, frequently the murder capital of the world and part of the sex trade. Below is an outline of how SOIL (registered NGO) is helping people in Honduras. The current project is to help over 200 churches in Honduras provide assistance to the people in their area to keep them safe at home and productive or their families. UN Sustainable Goals: 1, 2 & 3
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