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GGAF Learning Institute Courses:

My Body is My Body

Child Abuse Prevention Course 1
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Instructor: ChrissySykes

Course is Open

Critical Thinking

Instructor: Lisa Jones

Course is Open

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Women in Leadership

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Instructor: ChrissySykes

Course is Open

Business Ethics

Instructor: Lisa Jones

Course is Open

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Time Management

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Instructor: ChrissySykes

Course is Open

Social Media Responsiblity

In the Age of Digital Citizenship

Instructor: Lisa Jones

Course is Open

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GGAF Mission and Purpose

GGAF provides access to educational opportunities that enable students to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to achieve their professional goals, improve the performance of their organizations, and provide leadership and service to their communities. 

We develop competence in communication, critical thinking, collaboration, volunteerism, managing teams, and information utilization, together with a commitment to lifelong learning for the enhancement of students' opportunities for career success. 


GGAF provides instruction that bridges the gap between theory and practice through teachers and SME's who bring to their classroom not only advanced academic preparation but also the skills that come from the current practice of their professions.

Retain the Skills You Learn
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Your efforts and achievements will be tracked throughout the course, so you will know when you are hitting the mark - and when you're not. 

Progress will be determined by demonstrating skill and applying it, not just answering and moving to the next learning module. Our course facilitators will be there to answer your questions each day and provide feedback. 

We have an open discussion board for each class for you to interact with other students taking the class. Sharing your perspective on the material is also an excellent way to learn.

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GGAF is a proud partner of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

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The following classes are available by clicking on the course instruction tab and following the instructions:


My Body Is My Body
Introduction to Child Maltreatment

By: Chrissy Sykes
Start Date: December 4, 2019
Ongoing Course

My Body Is My Body is an "Introduction to Child Maltreatment. Through this course you will learn how to present this free program to help prevent child abuse. Please note there are two parts to this course and you will earn a "Presenter" certificate once both are complete.

This course is designed to cover:
Why we need to teach about Maltreatment; Worldwide Facts about Maltreatment; How Child Maltreatment affects a community's quality of life and economic prosperity; Different Types and Signs of Maltreatment; How to react when a child discloses their abuse to you; Basics on how to report child abuse; How to teach the My Body is My Body Prevention Program

Please click on Course Instructions for full details.

Narcissism & Narcissistic Toxic
Relationship Awareness

By: Dr. Bindu Babu
Class is Now Open
Registration is Open: Click on course instructions for full details


Overview of Course:

This course is designed to 
bring more awareness to the debilitating and gut-wrenching circumstance of being in a Toxic Narcissistic Abusive Relationship. On completion of this course, you will have the ability to recognize a Narcissistic Toxic Relationship where you can aid others to to seek professional help. 

Victims of a Narcissistic Toxic Abuse require healing and support to get their authentic self and the life they deserve, back again. 

Please click on Course Instructions for full details.