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The Ambassador - Issue 6: February 2021

To view the full issue, navigate to our "The Ambassador" page at We hope you really enjoy this issue of The Ambassador. Each month we will continue bringing inspiring humanitarian stories from across the globe. We are also adding sections such as "Helpful Tips" and this month is centered around "Working From Home and Style From Home." Our GGAF recipe section adds some flavor too! A huge thank you to all contributors and also Chrissy Sykes for her very important pages on My Body Is My Body, a free child abuse prevention program. Join our campaigns and stand against child abuse of every form. #Imstandingup Thanks to Richard DiPilla for his continued inspiration along with all of our Global Board and Country Chairs. Last but not least, we appreciate all donors and all Global Goodwill Ambassadors. Sincerely, Lisa A. Jones President & COO; Global Goodwill Ambassadors Foundation Publisher: The Ambassador



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