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The Ambassador: April 2022

Issue 19

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This month's issue touches on some very topical issues, including the tragedy of war and its devastating effects on civilization which also has a rippling impact on all societies, along with other humanitarian causes that societies need our help with. We highlight these issues and the wonderful humanitarians who are working daily to serve to provide support to those in need and the marginalized. You can read the full version of this issue at

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This month we highlighted the wonderful work of Gavin McCormack and Richard Mills and their new educational venture, upschool

Richard Mills and Gavin McCormack are ex-teachers and co-founders of, an organization co-founded by the two friends to fill the void in the education system around the world. The platform provides free education to children around the world aligned with the Sustainability Goals of the United Nations. Each term, the company releases a new set of learning materials for schools to engage in in the classroom to further enhance the delivery of education.

The team at aims to provide quality free education each and every term for the rest of the company's existence. With the use of technology, unending enthusiasm, and a great love of education, we have an ambitious goal to create real change in not only the education system but more broadly speaking, humanity. The team believes bridging the gap between those who have or those who have not is the aim of education. Giving children the wings to fly and the power to understand that they can make a difference in the world regardless of their background is a fundamental role in the company's core values.

Be sure to read more about their unique global venture to change the world of education,

starting on page 56 of The Ambassador.

My Body is My Body continues to educate hundreds of teachers, social workers, NGOs, and those who work with children on Chrissy Sykes' free Child Abuse Prevention program. All of these beautiful humanitarians, are in turn, educating hundreds of children each month teaching children to speak up when touched inappropriately. We appreciate all the work everyone is doing to protect children.

Chrissy also gives information about FGM, a global concern that is "estimated that more than 200 million girls and women alive today have undergone female genital mutilation. She covers the different types of FGM and the long-term complications associated with FGM.

Be sure to continue reading "How to explain SDGs to Children," also by Chrissy.

Our GGAF Learning Institute continues to grow with new classes each month located at Our newest course, "Successful Interview Skills to Win Job Offers" by Lisa Jones, is an essential class for job seekers.

We continue our support of all the people of Ukraine with several articles with the above story by Anna Horoneskul starting on page 75.

Our prayers are for peace and for this war to end. We ask you to please stand in unity with us for ALL wars to end, which will lead to world peace.

Photos Provided By: Oleg Gogenko

Global Goodwill Ambassadors Foundation sponsored several boxes of essential supplies for Ukraine refugees. Please reach out and donate to continue to help the millions of displaced families at:


April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. Please book your free ticket to join "LET'S START THE CONVERSATION" with Lisa Jones, Titia Niehorster, Dee Russell- Thomas, and Chrissy Sykes for an open discussion.

We would like to extend a massive "thank you" to all GGAF Ambassadors and their NGOs who are on the frontline to provide help each day. You are heroes!

Also, to our donors and sponsors, we truly appreciate your contributions that we can send out to preserve the lives of forgotten and overlooked people who may not be in the headlines but are coveted by the small gifts of food, shelter, clothing, and education, that would not be possible without your contributions.


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