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Increase Your Business Visibility by Supporting GGAF Initiatives

GGAF offers a way for you to advertise in our new e-magazine, The Ambassador. With access to a network of more than one million followers across social media outlets, we can help increase your visibility. We have rates that meet large corporate sponsors and rates that also help the small business owner. Not only do you get increased visibility, you are helping someone in need as your donation goes toward the cause of your choice. With little to no overhead, GGAF is able to send a larger portion of donor dollars directly to our trusted NGO's in other countries who are doing amazing work. GGA is now uniquely set up to be a "donor-to-community charity." Unlike other huge "big named" charities, we have people on the ground in every country of the world where we run projects to protect our donor's contributions. We identify the needs to help people in vital areas following the UN SDG model.  

Our projects are submitted for evaluation and once approved, we schedule a campaign to raise the funds needed to hit each goal. Our members on the ground will ensure the guardianship of these projects through their completion. The GGA monthly e-magazine will highlight these projects to give donors a special satisfaction that they are giving to the specific projects they intended their donation to go to.   Your gift is what enables us to deliver life-changing services to meet the needs of the disadvantaged and most vulnerable families around our world. We are here to help fund initiatives around the world for prevention of child abuse, preventive care, helping the elderly, veterans, education, disaster relief, homeless and poverty, along with the "girl child" and more while focusing on the UN SDGs. GGAF is also a proud partner of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Please reach out to Lisa Jones with any questions about advertising opportunities. Her email is You can find more information on this opportunity at Do your part in making our world a better place.



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