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My Body Is My Body


Contact Chrissy Sykes for more information about this free child abuse prevention program being implemented in schools around the world.

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Click on the PDF images below to learn more about the My Body IS My Body Programme.

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"My Body Is My Body" in Action Around Our World

India -
Thank you to Dr Shunila Joy Chauhan for submitting her songs and presentation during Lockdown - not an easy task. I know you will be wonderful with the children when school opens.
ENGINE CDS group (Educating Nigerian Girls in New Enterprises) Community Development Service Group) a program facilitated by Mrs Rita Alo embarked on a child abuse prevention program “my body is my body “campaign from the 27th -31st of January 2020 presenting to over 2000 children
Kathmandu -
Students enjoyed the songs, practiced worksheet with excitement. At first they were little shy to open up with the topic, but later, they were very expressive and enjoyed the program. The school management was very supportive and encouraging for such programs and willing to continue this with other grades in days to come
I would like to thank Kasthuri Gunasegaran from the LEARNING CASTLE ENRICHMENT HUB in Singapore for sharing the My Body is My Body programme with these young children. The Learning Castle is a Montessori that do fantastic work with the children.
Nigeria -
Rita has been sharing the My Body is My Body Programme with ENGINE (Educating Nigerian Girls in New Enterprises) program. Its about improving the life chances of 18000 marginalised adolescent girls within the ages of 16- 19 years. We improve learning outcomes with numeracy and literacy through free education, life skills,
Pakistan -
Ghazala Ali Khan our Ambassador from Pakistan has been working with the children from Omer foundation Lahore Pakistan They have been preparing for an awareness seminar for the parents and teachers on chid harassment on the 12th April 2019
Nigeria -
Talklove Africa Foundation (TAF) and Cynthia Chukwu Obinwanne Ik teaching the children the My Body Is My Body Song in Nigeria. Are you looking for a way to teach young children about child abuse prevention - but you don’t know where to start? Well look no further !! Our child abuse prevention programme contains activities to teach child abuse prevention to children all around the world.
Nigeria -
Hope Ambassadors and La Roche Leadership Foundation teaching the My Body is My Body Programme to a gathering of 2 schools in Lagos Mainland Nigeria. Thank you for helping us create a safer World For Children.
Egypt -
Our Ambassador from Egypt Nancy Hadi has been doing a wonderful job teaching children the My Body is My Body Programme - thank you so much Nancy for all you do to make this a Safer World For Children
Nigeria -
The  program was organised and facilitated by Reuben Kabantyok (GGA) from Shared Humanity Foundation, Martin Kozah  (GGA) from Peace Empowerment Foundation and other volunteers. This is in response to your call on all GGA's to join the campaign in creating a safer world for children 2019 - 2020.
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