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No Child Should Go To Bed Hungry at Night!
Your gift will help us touch the lives of children around the world and give them hope for a better tomorrow.

Our GGAF humanitarian initiatives are crucial in addressing the pressing needs of orphans worldwide. Unfortunately, many of these vulnerable children often lack not only basic necessities but also access to nutritious food. Through your invaluable support, we can make a significant impact by ensuring that orphanages receive regular and adequate food supplies to nourish the children in their care.

Inadequate nutrition significantly impacts overall health, causing children to frequently lag in their education due to illness or an inability to focus because of hunger. Your sponsorship or donation fosters enduring transformation for children and youth within these communities by granting them access to vital nutrition programs.

Poverty isn't limited to the developing world; it's a prevalent issue even in developed nations such as the United States. It transcends geographic boundaries, affecting children in cities and small towns throughout the country. Explore further to understand the extent of poverty in the U.S. and the profound impact it has on children residing in these communities.

Global Goodwill Ambassadors Foundation is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt nonprofit registered with the USA Internal Revenue Service. As a registered 501c3 nonprofit.GGA is able to provide donors with a letter of donation for tax deduction purposes and exemption of their donation from donor’s tax (Please check your country-specific tax laws). 
EIN 84-4126150 
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