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Children of War

Written by: Alaha Ahrar, GGA

We are children of wars,

Our problems are as visible as glass jars We also dream of a better future

To shine in the sky of success like stars But why have we become invisible

Why does no one see our grief and roars

We are children of wars

We run away, can’t go very far

Some cruelty due to the growth of world population

Declared the nonsense of being poor children alive

It’s true we don’t have school and school supplies

But we will work hard to get education and strive Some don’t see any benefit in displaced children to survive

But Kindness Sharing Project proved that humanity is alive

There are many who don’t support the cause of

Kindness Sharing Project’s school drive

We experienced starvation and hunger before five

Our parents died but wanted us to be alive

We are children of wars

Our future depends on us to thrive

We are the future of the world and heroes

We will be the ones, who rise from zeros

We were born and lived with your fire and arrows

Our innocence kept reflecting in mirrors

As a result, your peace has been taken away

Now you are the target of your own prey

You feel guilt when you put your head on pillows

Instead of being our enemies become our fellows

We are children of wars

Joy is playing outdoors, not living outdoors

We are children of wars

There is no hatred in our hearts

We are children of wars

There is no discrimination our minds


Kindness Sharing Project (KSP) Spreads Kindness:

Kindness Sharing Project (KSP) supports those children who have been negatively impacted by wars.

Website: Contact No: 202 754 5952



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