Serving Others In Love (SOIL)

Honduras is the second poorest country in Central America, frequently the murder capital of the world and part of the sex trade. Below is an outline of how SOIL (registered NGO) is helping people in Honduras. The current project is to help over 200 churches in Honduras provide assistance to the people in their area to keep them safe at home and productive or their families. 
UN Sustainable Goals: 1, 2 & 3
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Goal 1: Sustainable Development - End Poverty In All Forms

Potential for low minimum wage earners of wages from $5,681.73 Honduran lempiras per month ($22.44 lempiras per hour) to $8,803.70 lempiras per month ($36.68 lempiras per hour) with the intent to increase earning power to 150% with improved education and English as a second language while also making individuals better potential legal resident visa recipients in the United States if they desire to immigrate legally. 

Educational courses will be offered.

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Goal 2: Ending Hunger

Hunger is on the rise again on a global basis and undernutrition continues to affect millions of children. SOIL's current work in Honduras includes feeding over 400 children in several locations. Our hope is to engage many more needy families that are in the neighborhood of over 200 churches. 

Goal 3: Ensure Healthy Lives and Promote Well-Being For All Ages

SOIL has a potentially great facility that has housed as many as a dozen hearing-impaired children. They are now housing 3 children due to a lack of funds; it could minister to as many as 24. This is a place where sign-language is taught as well as assisting autistic children. This creates an opportunity for improved lives for the disadvantaged. 

Immigration Opportunities & Potential Solutions to USA Border Problems

Assist in the issue of reducing illegal immigration and provide support for those wanting to come to America legally. "The person in the greatest danger in America is the undocumented immigrant. If his/her employer does not pay him/her, or someone commits a crime against them they have no place to turn, other than criminal behavior." 

Educational Courses:

  • English as Second Language - ESL

  • Civics (Honduran & USA)

  • History (Honduran & USA)

  • Residency interview preparation services; others

Medical Missions

Surgical Teams last conducted in Tocoa, Colon

A Meeting at the White House: October 2019

Dr. Anthony Ponceti was asked to attend by Dr. Ernie Rivera and also invite 50 plus Latino pastors. The group was asked for their recommendations on immigration issues. The following represents the development of a possible method of arriving at a practical step towards a solution:

1. A local pastor knows the church members and other citizens in the community better than all the staff at the USA embassy in Honduras.

2. If a pastor could be trained to assist in filling out the documents for a visa application, it would improve the current quality of these documents.  

3. As the embassy begins to gains respect, admiration, and confidence in specific pastors because of their proven integrity, their recommendations might receive greater respect.