Course Title: “Powerful Teams & Productive Projects”

Professor: Janani Rasanjali Liyanage


Online Class Meeting Dates: 29th September 19.30 p.m. -23.30 p.m. IST.


Similar class will repeat every 3 months.


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Professor: Janani Rasanjali Liyanage

Global Goodwill Ambassadors

“The Strength of Team is Each Individual member. The Strength of Each Member is the Team”

- Phil Jackson

In the modern world of VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex & ambiguous), responding to change & delivering valuable results has become a key differentiator for individuals, teams & organizations. It could be a humanitarian initiative, a Marketing campaign or a software project. Scrum will help to achieve productivity through high performing teams.

This course is an introductory workshop that gives an overview to participants

  • A high performing teams model to increase transparency, feedback loop & accountability

  • Increase Productivity of projects via a simple framework to Plan-Do-Check-Act the work throughout the lifecycle


This is an introductory workshop to personal Agility mindset & tools to kick start your journey to do more things matter to you, celebrate & choose your life.


Essential Question of the Course:


  Are you seeking to:

  • Respond & Adapt to changing priorities and deliver valuable outcomes in projects?

  • Align your teams and stakeholders with the vision & goals of your project?

  • Create more visibility and shorter feedback loop so you can take prompt actions?

  • Build high performing teams who take ownership towards the outcomes?


Course Objectives:


  1. Need for Agility & Agile Mindset to Respond & Adapt to Changes in projects

  2. Iterative & Incremental approach to deliver outcomes of project while responding to change.

  3. A Simple Powerful framework for High Performing teams

This is an introductory course. Participants are encouraged to read:

Course Calendar:

**Professor may change the syllabus as needed to meet student learning needs.**

Each Session is a one Class.

First class starts on 29th September 19.30 p.m. -23.30 p.m. IST

Similar Class repeat every 3 months.

Those who complete 4 hours of class & exam will be awarded a certificate of participation.

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