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The Ambassador: Issue 17 February 2022

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

Publishers: Lisa Jones & Chrissy Sykes Executive Editor: Richard DiPilla

From the Netherlands to Sudan , Ghada Saleh is empowering children with the My Body Is My Body International Prevention Program. Be sure to read about her amazing journey and commitment to helping children starting on page 44.


India: Mamta Godial: Working for the Rural Upliftment Areas: "Rural development necessitates a constant reorientation and adaptation of traditional beliefs, practices, and institutions to embrace a rising corpus of scientific knowledge and technologies to improve people's quality of life and welfare. Only through the active participation of the people at all stages of decision-making can modernization be appropriately dealt with. It is now widely accepted that rural development should be seen as a change process that the people or the target group bring about and sustain. People must be organized and empowered to participate in the development process for this to occur."

Read more about Mamta's work starting on page 48 of The Ambassador.


Chrissy Sykes, our amazing founder of My Body Is My Body, continues to help children in many areas. She has created a wonderful means to help children understand the SDGs complete with examples of how children can help achieve the 2030 goals.

All 17 SDGs explained starting on page 14 of The Ambassador.

Meet Betsy Bee! By: Chrissy Sykes Learn more about the importance of bees and how they contribute by helping to pollinate plants and flowers around the world. "In fact around 1/3 of all of your food depends on bees for pollination."
Video 1 and 2 are on pages 70-71

Hope Ambassadors continues to "Reviving The Hope In Hope" across Africa.
Read about the wonderful initiatives by Hope Ambassadors starting on page 58.


Make sure to check out our course offerings on the GGAF Learning Institute located at Be sure to take our free course on: "Understanding the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)" Course by: Dario Ruggiero, GGA European Continental Chair

This is an introductory course on the United Nations Sustainable Development goals where we explore the SDGs and also explain "clustering" SDGs.
"12 Months of Kindness" Starting on page 72 GGAF is committed to helping put smiles on the faces of others during each month of the year. Join us and follow this initiative and remember, "kindness is free." January: Book Donations

For a full listing of the wonderful articles, we've included the table of contents. Be sure to read the full issue (and previous issues) on our website at:


Global Goodwill Ambassadors Foundation would like to thank all of our donors and volunteers who continue to support GGAF. Our ambassadors are truly doing inspirational work and we very much appreciate the work each and every one of you do to help those in need. It's with your help that we are able to respond to tragedies such as the fire that took place in the Bronx, NY, taking the lives of 17 people; eight of which were children. This tragic fire has displaced many families and thanks to Dr. Ameena Ali and her organization FIGHR, who started a fundraiser to help these families and working with GGAF to help receive the in-kind donations of necessities for children and adults we were able to send. Let's keep being the "Change We Want to See!"

Also, a special shoutout to Chrissy Sykes, a wonderful colleague and friend, who has been there in the time of need for many of us. Her work on the magazine this month was endless. Thank you, Chrissy for your support during this past month and always. #GGAFamily #GGATeamwork. -Sincerely, Lisa Jones


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