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Written and animated by award-winning singer/ songwriter Chrissy Sykes, the MBIMB programme is supported by #ISPCAN (The International Society For The Prevention Of Child Abuse and Neglect), #Compassion International, The Global Goodwill Ambassadors Foundation, #Cognizant Outreach and hundreds of smaller NGO's, Charities.
Education Departments and Organisations around the world.

Chrissy has personally presented the programme to over 350,000 children in the USA with great success.


The programme is currently available in 19 Languages and over the past couple of years, the programme has been taught to well over 1 million children.

The My Body is My Body Youtube Channel has also had over 1 million views from over 200 Countries.


Chrissy spends her time teaching different community leaders around the world how to introduce this programme into their local areas working with organisations like The World Children's Parliament to encourage young leaders to get involved with child protection and education.

We have everything you need to share this programme with your own #children or to a #classroom of children, and it is all #free to use, download and share.
We have #Tutorials, #LessonPlans, a Family #SafetyPlan, Children's Workbooks,
2 Free #Courses,  #animated videos and much more.
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