Our Mission

As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, our mission is to utilize our family of global humanitarians to solve real-life problems in the most disadvantaged parts of the world. Following the sustainable development goals, we are hands-on at the grassroots level to assist women, children, the hungry, the homeless, and disadvantaged people. We also work with verified NGOs who are part of GGAF, in order to raise funds for their initiatives as they will send feedback and pictures to show how the funding was used and the impact it has made. 

We help people from every nation, color, race, and socioeconomic caste. 

We exercise no bias, we are apolitical and

free of hatred. 

Our Vision

It is the vision of each our programs to reduce disparities in access to education, alleviate hunger and poverty, end homelessness, increase sustainability in many areas such as climate change, taking care of our environment, helping those in need find a way to generate income and address the entire 17 United Nations SDGs.

Our Core Values

Our core values are simple: always show kindness, have a good heart to help humanity, lend a hand where needed and do so without bias or hate in your heart.

  • Humanity

  • Neutrality

  • Impartiality

  • Independence

These core values are a concrete expression of the shared values of dignity, integrity and solidarity. With these in our hearts and minds, we will create "World Peace"

GGA Cause Groups
If you are currently a GGA, please contact Lisa Jones to be added

to the cause group(s) of your choice.

Sexual Assault/Domestic Violence

Providing support within and without for victims of sexual abuse and domestic violence.

Teen Suicide Prevention Group

Individuals dedicated to promoting and understanding of this catastrophe blight on civilization.

Veteran Suicide Prevention Group

Assisting an understand and appreciation of the traumas associated with all the world's veterans.

Addiction/Mental Health/Disabilities

Offering support and assistance in finding resources to assist in the fight against addictions. 

Youth & Child Advocacy
Group dedicated to all caring and means of assisting the youth of the world.

Autism Awareness
roup focused on an understanding and promotion of a greater understanding of those afflicted with Autism.

Women's Empowerment
Group of universal thinkers and advocates for steps needed to take in order to advance a common goal of peace throughout the world.

Refugee Advocacy
Promoting an understanding and appreciation of the trials and tribulations of displaced people throughout the world.

World Peace Advocacy

Group of universal thinkers and advocates for steps needed to take in order to advance a common goal of peace throughout the world.

Helping the Homeless

Group dedicated to supporting homeless people around the world. 

My Body Is My Body: Child Abuse Prevention

Free program focused on teaching children around the world to identify and understand the warning signs of child abuse.