Professor: Janani Rasanjali Liyanage

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Lead With Personal Agility Course

Professor: Janani Rasanjali Liyanage



Online Class Meeting Dates: 28th August 20.00 p.m.-22.30 p.m. IST. Similar class will repeat monthly.

Duration 2.5 hours

Overview of Course:

I am excited to share the Gift of Personal Agility. A gift we all deserve. Happiness, Meaning & Results. You could be a Leader, Entrepreneur, Working Professional, Student or Any Aspiring individual. Personal Agility Support you to Discover what matters most to you and achieve meaningful results.

The Personal Agility System™ is a simple visual framework for organizing yourself that helps you figure out and focus on what really matters. Unlike other approaches, the primary goals are for you to be effective, and for you, your family and your stakeholders to be happy with what you have accomplished.


The Personal Agility System helps you to:

  • Find Balance & Impact in Life By Awakening The Inner Leader In You

  • Shift from Busy Exhaustive Life to Smart Meaningful Life

  • Get More Things That Matters Most to You as A Person & Professional

  • Align Your Stakeholders, Coach Teams Towards Ownership & Achieve Valuable Outcomes In Your life or Projects or Organizations


This is an introductory workshop to learn a framework to solve complex problems as well as to grow high performing teams.

Essential Question of the Course:


  Are you a person who seek to?

  • Have more control & Impact in life and do things that matters to you most?

  • Have Harmony in the whirlwind of work-life commitments?

  • Pause the Hamster wheel to Reflect & Celebrate what have you achieved.

  • Awaken your inner leader and Celebrate & Choose Your Life every day?



Course Objectives:


  1. Introduction to The Personal Agility System & its Purpose

  2. 6 powerful questions which help you to Shift from Busy-Exhausted life to Smart-Meaningful life 

  3. Personal Agility Mindset & Tools to Achieve what matters most to you in your life & carrier

  4. Shift from Victim of Change to Owner of Change. Awaken your inner leader


Required Text Readings/Videos:

This is an introductory course. There is no prior reading. There will be a post-workshop reading


Course Calendar:

**Professor may change the syllabus as needed to meet student learning needs.**

Each Session is a one Class.

First class starts on 28th August 19.30 p.m. -23.30 p.m. IST

Similar Class repeat every 3 months.

Those who complete class & exam will be awarded a certificate of participation.

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