International Humanitarian Law Course

By: Sheen Skaria

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This is an introductory course on the basics of International Humanitarian Law (IHL). The course does not require any prior legal knowledge and It is principally addressed to humanitarian practitioners, policymakers and other professionals who are keen on understanding how and when this body of law applies, and whom it protects.


By the end of this course you should be able to:

  • Summarize, and explain at a basic level, the rules of IHL.

  • Evaluate situations, assess how those situations would be classified under IHL, and know where to find the applicable law.

  • Identify situations that are at risk of being non-compliant with IHL and understand when additional support might be necessary (e.g. legal advisor). 

  • Recall where to find relevant information to support IHL-informed decision-making.


Upon completion of this course, you can achieve certification by successfully answering a series of questions.

Course Instructions:

For course materials please email Sheen Skaria at Sheenlibra@aol.com  with your full name, country, and LinkedIn URL. Once the course has been completed, the answers will also be emailed to Sheen Skaria at the same email address above.