Humanitarian Aid Worker Safety Training
By: Sheen Skaria, GGA

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This online course addresses important trends and issues that must be considered in all humanitarian operations such as environment, protection and disaster risk reduction (DRR). This course also provides trends in humanitarian technology, including innovations that change and impact the way humanitarians do their work through crowdsourcing and GPS-mapping.

The course is designed for students and professionals from all disciplines and entry-level humanitarian practitioners.



  • Classify the use of mobile phone networks in humanitarian assistance

  • Identify uses of internet and crowdsourcing in the humanitarian field

  • Identify the difference between personal and operational security

  • Identify what is a threat, a vulnerability, and a risk

  • Recall the steps to conduct a risk assessment

  • Define the most common threats humanitarians face

  • Identify best practices to respond safely to a threat


Upon completion of this course, you can achieve certification by successfully answering a series of questions.
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