Global Goodwill Ambassadors Advisory Global Board

Lisa Jones, MBA

Executive President, Co-Founder,  COO, Global Board GGA
Board of Directors

Razi Hashmi Syed

Senior Vice President of Asia & Middle East,

Global Board, GGA

Indunil Fernando

 Vice President of Asia Affairs, Global Board, GGA

Chair of Sri Lanka

Jolyne Jelimo

Vice President of Global Change Leaders


Richard DiPila

Founder & CEO, Global Board GGA
Board of Directors

Chrissy Sykes

Vice President of Child Advocacy & Welfare
Director - UK


Sharon Bingert

Vice President of Training & Development
Chair of USA


Adigun Temitayo

Vice President of Africa Project Management & Development
Director - Nigeria


Dr. Ruby Bakshi Khurdi

Vice President of Women's Empowerment and Development, Global Board GGA
Chair of Switzerland

GGA Global Board

The Global Board works together to set policies, procedures, and the structure of GGA. Decisions are made on this level for continuous improvement.

Taiwo Razaq OLOWU

Africa - Director 
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