Information Requirements

Please read the following instructions carefully or your  information will not be considered.

1. You must be performing current volunteer humanitarian work or your job makes a societal change.

LinkedIn Profile URLs cannot be left blank or your submission will NOT be considered. This information is listed on your profile in the contact section.

3. Your humanitarian must be listed on your profile and dates need to updated to reflect the years for each volunteer work performed. You must also have a profile picture that is not a logo, object, etc. Profile pictures cannot be left blank.

4. Full name, country, and email must be listed. 

5. You must agree to our Code of Ethics. 


Items on the submission form cannot be left blank. Any items left blank will result in your information being disregarded.

Failure to add your LinkedIn Profile URL may result in the delay of your nomination form being reviewed.

GGA Code of Ethics

No solicitation policy: No solicitation of funds directly made to GGA members on our discussion boards or in private messages. 

Submission Form

Please add your LINKEDIN PROFILE URL located in the CONTACT SECTION of your LinkedIn Profile. Without this added correctly, your submission will not be considered. 

Do you have three years of sustainable volunteer work with current work listed on your LinkedIn profile? Do you understand that without this listed on your LinkedIn profile you will not be considered by the selection committee? Yes or No?

Do you agree to our Code of Ethics which does not allow soliciting for funds in GGA groups or asking GGAs for money in private conversations, never showing hate, bias, sexual harassment, disrespect, or demeaning individuals? Yes or No?

1) Please list your current three years of volunteer work. If you do not have three years of sustainable work listed on your profile, please understand your form will not be considered. 

2) Please also tell us why you feel you are entitled to being named as a Global Goodwill Ambassador. 

Do you agree to interact and engage with GGAs including "thanking" those who welcome you on your designation post and also "welcoming" new GGAs on their designation post? Yes or No? 

1) Did you add your LinkedIn Profile URL correctly as listed in the contact section of your LinkedIn Profile? If not, please add here.

2) Please list the GGA Country Chair who gave you this link.

3) Have you also connected with your country chair, Richard DiPilla (founder) and Lisa Jones (Executive President)? 

Please answer all three questions.

**All forms must be completed by the person being recommended as a GGA to show consent and agreement to our code of ethics.** 

Please see the above button to locate your country-specific chair and send them an invitation to connect via LinkedIn. Also, connect with our founder, Richard DiPilla via LinkedIn

Once your form is submitted, please allow up to 
one week to be contacted. Also please see our country-chairs for more information. If you do not see a country chair listed, please feel free to reach out to a Global Board member.
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