There Are Two Ways To Be Part of Our

Global Goodwill Ambassadors Family:
Support our causes as a Humanitarian Supporter or Full Membership By Meeting the Criteria and Following The Steps Outlined. 

An important part of being in the Global Goodwill Ambassadors' Family is a commitment to support our humanitarian missions. Secondarily, it is important that all of our family members adhere to our Code of Ethics. Our Code of Ethics asks that you have no bias, no hate toward others, and restrain from inciting political hatred. You will make lots of friends and foster relations

In order to receive your confirmation letter along with a cetific certificate, please complete a donation of $15.00 to any of our initiatives causes along with your acceptance of our Code of Ethics. Once received, you will be sent a "Humanitarian Supporter"  certificate (see below).

Please read our Code of Ethics in its entirety. 
Your form as a "Humanitarian Supporter" will be processed when the $15 donation is completed. The above button takes you to the donation page where you can also view our current initiatives.
Being a Humanitarian Supporter will also give you access to our GGAF Learning Institute Courses.
To be considered as a GGAF Member, please read the criteria and process below:
You must currently be performing humanitarian work and also have a background of performing sustainable volunteer work for five years. This information must be listed on your LinkedIn Profile.
Your name and a profile picture of yourself (no logos, objects, etc.) must be on your LinkedIn profile. 

If you meet these criteria, please know a membership donation of $25.00 will be required once you have been approved and completed the necessary application. 

If you meet these requirements, please reach out to your country-specific chair for more details. If no country-specific chair is designated, please reach out to Lisa Jones, President & COO via LinkedIn. Please know we are looking for individuals who out in their communities performing humanitarian work. Thank you.

Initiative/Funding Approval Process

If you have a registered NGO and would like GGA to help with funding, please download the PDF below and complete the PDF document. Once complete, please email to