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By: Rafia Malik

Ongoing Course


This course is designed to provide and increase your knowledge and awareness of what bullying actually is and how bullying has, over the years shifted to cyberbullying with the use of digital devices and how anti-cyberbullying are the various ways in which cyberbullying should be prevented and avoided.

This course will also provide information about how bullying /cyberbullying affects one's lifestyle emotionally, psychologically and physically short term and long term. As well as how cyberbullying affects one's mental health and well being.

How to Successfully Earn a Certificate upon Completion of this course:

1) There will be a series of 5 videos to watch including the introductory video talking about how the course will work. The videos will start with the introduction video at 2:25 followed by Video#1.

2) The following video's to watch will be as follows:

Video#1  :What is Cyberbullying
Video #2  :What is Anti-Cyberbullying
Video#3   :Bullying & Its Effects on Mental Health
Video#4  :Methods of Anti-Cyberbullying

3) After each video (in the comments section) there will be a question to answer.

After answering each question, send all your answers along with the corresponding video for each question combined in one email to:

4) After I receive and review your answers, you will be awarded with a Certificate of Completion for Anti-Cyberbullying that will be sent to you by email that you'll be able to print.

5) Last but not least, if there is anyone you know that will benefit from this topic, please like, comment and share these videos with them so they may benefit as well. That would be greatly appreciated. GOOD LUCK TO ALL! :)

Email address has been mentioned in point number #1 Though here it is once again:

Course Description
Emotional Intelligence (EI)
By: Dr. Ruby Bakshi Khurdi

Ongoing Course

Dr Ruby Bakshi Khurdi is an Award winning International Speaker, Human Resources Trainer, Innovative Academician teaching management courses in private universities in Switzerland. She is invited to speak and give workshops in various conferences all over the world.  She is the Vice President of Global Board for Women Empowerment & Development for Global Goodwill Ambassadors. Recently she was appointed as Ambassador for #LinkedInforawomen initiative.


In this Educational program, she talks about Emotional Intelligence - Connecting people & Improving Performance.    


What is Emotional Intelligence (EI)? 

# Why is it important? 

# Why should be practice EI?

# How we can work over our emotions in order to perform efficiently both at work and home! 


In her TEDx talk ‘ Learning Human values via Emotional Intelligence’, she explains us in detail about EI and Human values.  



1) You will be watching TWO videos, scroll down to the comments section, the questions to be answered are in the pinned post. Kindly register before taking the class and sending answers to the questions. Please find the link to the videos below.

2) Kindly mail answers to all the questions at Upon successful completion & receipt of your mails, you will be awarded Humanitarian Certificate for Emotional Intelligence - Share Care Appreciate Love Respect Empower.   

Please share your feedback, Kindly LIKE & SUBSCRIBE to our channel for further education initiatives. 

Humanitarian Aid Worker Safety Training
By: Sheen Skaria, GGA

Ongoing Course

Please email Sheen Skaria at
For Course Material

This online course addresses important trends and issues that must be considered in all humanitarian operations such as environment, protection and disaster risk reduction (DRR). This course also provides trends in humanitarian technology, including innovations that change and impact the way humanitarians do their work through crowdsourcing and GPS-mapping.

The course is designed for students and professionals from all disciplines and entry-level humanitarian practitioners.



  • Classify the use of mobile phone networks in humanitarian assistance

  • Identify uses of internet and crowdsourcing in the humanitarian field

  • Identify the difference between personal and operational security

  • Identify what is a threat, a vulnerability, and a risk

  • Recall the steps to conduct a risk assessment

  • Define the most common threats humanitarians face

  • Identify best practices to respond safely to a threat


Upon completion of this course, you can achieve certification by successfully answering a series of questions.

0 (4).jpeg

2019 Online Global Goodwill Ambassadors (GGA)

Youth program

If you are interested in becoming a mentor or mentee, contact
Deng Willian Alaak

Registration is now closed for the following dates: 7/1/2019 to 7/21/2019 
New dates will be announced when available 

The objectives set for this online GGA Youth Mentorship Educational Program is to provide training to the youth in the concepts of conflict transformation, mediation, meditation, leadership and building peace. All of these ideas are within a framework of human rights, equality, diversity and the recognition that servant leadership is needed to drive peace-building.  The context of every situation of conflict influences the nature and form of mediation to address the issues, to achieve peace. 

This training manual serves as a guideline and the trainer needs to use the information in this manual to facilitate the development of participants. The responsibilities of the trainers are to facilitate the learning opportunities and the obligations of the participants are to use the opportunities to gain the knowledge that can be used to build peace at grassroots and all levels within society.  


Using online platform, you will hear stories from senior and emerging leaders who have had to lead complex change,

You will take part in interactive exercises and discussions which peers from across the world. And you will read compelling articles, which explore the skills you need to be successful.

All participants will receive GGA Badge and certificate after the completion of the program.


This online Mentoring Program is open to young people aged 14+ from across the world. You may be at the beginning of your career or in higher or further education.


Is hosted online


The courses will run in three weeks long cohorts.

The course dates for 2019 are:

7/1/2019 to 7/21/2019

It will take between 6-9 hours to complete each course.

Course closes on July 13th, 2019
Please check back for future dates. 

Women's Empowerment Humanitarian Training Certificate Program

By: Dr. Ruby Bakshi Khurdi

Cross-cultural Diversity, Inclusion, and Sensitivity Training

By: Dr. Ameena Ali, VP of Inclusion and Diversity

Global Board, GGA

Ongoing Course

As a part of Humanitarian effort as an Global Ambassador of Goodwill, it is imperative that we meet the goals of our missions understanding that there is a right way to do things and a humanitarian way to do things. As both are correct, respectively, our effort and means of service will be to offer a bit of training to you.


Holding such a prestigious title of a Global Goodwill Ambassador shouldn't come with just a nomination and a few kind words, there should be a standard that you hold, to allow the world to see the distinction in you! Just like you had to sign a code of ethics to allow notice of expectations, there are a few things we will be doing together with other Humanitarians and Worlds Helpers and we need to subscribe to that same effort of truth of treatment and trust.


To earn this certificate, you will be tasked with visiting this YouTube Site.


Please begin with the Overview (:59:) and the continue with the Introduction (5;43). When you have completed the course, you will have viewed ll 15 videos in the series. None of them are longer than seven (7) minutes, but the series will offer short videos that you are to watch and then answer the questions at the end of the videos; your answers will be recorded on this end. After you have finished ALL for the videos and ALL of the required answers are received on this end. you will be sent, via email, your personalized certificate of completion (see example below) available for you to print out and hang for all to see!


Please know that this training will be used to help you build a better respect of others and a greater respect for self that others will give to you as well!

**Please note all questions for each video are listed on each video page as a comment.**

Once you have completed all videos and questions, please send the answers to
Ali in a Word document to her email listed below. Please include the video number with each question you answer for full credit to receive the certificate of completion.

Please complete all videos and questions and send together in one document.

Email for Dr. Ameena Ali is as follows:



Leadership Skills for High-Performance
By: Senela Jayasuriya, CEO, Women Empowered Global
Awarded Global Speaker, Leadership Trainer & Certified Coach
Global Goodwill Ambassador

Course Description
Areas Covered:
  • How to develop your authentic leadership style
  • Communication strategies to communicate better as a leader
  • Time management and decision making skills
Structure: Live video interactive webinar via Zoom - 2.5 hour session
Course dates: May 31, 2019​ and June 7, 2019.
50 people per class; offered to the first 50 who register for each session. This course will run monthly.
Time: 1:30 pm GMT

*Course registration link is below. Please make sure to complete the registration form in its entirety. Your name will need to be spelled as you would like it on the certificate of completion. You will also need your LinkedIn profile URL located in the contact section of your LinkedIn profile when completing the form. 

Occupational Safety & Health
Certificate Program 
By: Ali Raza Memon, GGA Global OSH Leader


Ongoing Course

Why Occupational Safety and Health?

Why Train the Young? 

In order to make a living, most of us must work. Even if you are a banker or a lathe worker, every workplace has specific risks. In order to live 100 years in health and safety, you must know about your work, be trained to avoid risks, wear Personal Protective Equipment when needed, and know how to use safety devices. 


Please email Ali Raza Memon at the following email address for course material.  After reviewing the course material provided, you will need to complete the questions asked for the assessment to receive your official certificate 

Safety starts with "S" but begins with with you!

For additional information or questions, please reach out to Ali Raza Memon via LinkedIn.
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