GGAF Country Chairs

GGAF's Country Chairs are a dynamic group of individuals who are experienced, knowledgeable, and have the ability to provide cultural insights about their country. These leaders will help you understand more about GGAF and the nomination process. The links below will take you to their LinkedIn profile where you can connect with the chair in your country.
Our Chairs are all volunteers who spend their time helping others to brighten our world and bring people together with kindness and care.


Darshan K. Bhambiru

Director of Nominations

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Gemma Smith

Chair of UK

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Messiana Corbona

Co-Chair of Italy


Dr. Ruby Bakshi Khurdi

VP of Women's Empowerment and Development

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Dario Ruggiero

European Continental Co-Chair of Italy

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Noble Wisdom Dordoe

Director of Ghana

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Sinke Henshaw Osong

Chair of Cameroon

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Nancy Hadi

Chair of Egypt


Titia Niehorster

Chair of the Netherlands


Natasha Ugalde Semionova

Translations Director for Spanish

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Xuseen Muxumed Cusmaan

Chair of Somalia

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Adigun Temitayo

Chair of Nigeria

Vice President of Africa Project Management & Development


Marina Osoba

Co-Chair of Nigeria


Mandy Olowu

Co-Chair of Nigeria


Dr. Adama Kalokoh

Chair - USA

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Lisa A. Jones

Co-Founder & CEO
Global Countries


Christina Junker

Chair - USA


Faith Muthoka

Director - Kenya

Africa: Any country chairs not listed, please reach out to Taiwo Olowu, VP of African Affairs.

Global: No Chair listed, please reach out to Lisa Jones. Also questions about our e-magazine, The Ambassador and our GGAF Learning Institute.

Chrissy Sykes: MBIMB Program, The Ambassador, GGAF Learning Institute

We are all here to help: We Love, We Care, We Share