GGA Country Chairs

GGA's Country Chairs are a dynamic group of individuals who are experienced, knowledgeable, and have the ability to provide cultural insights about their country's. These leaders will help you understand more about GGA and the nomination process. The links below will take you to their LinkedIn profile where you can connect with the chair in your country. 

Bentenbi Chaib Draa Tani
Africa Continent Chair

Dario Ruggiero
European Continental Chair
Co-Chair of Italy

Sinke Henshaw Osong
Chair of Cameroon

Darshan K. Bhambiru
Director of Nominations India

Stefan Brasoveanu
Chair of Romania

Gemma Smith

Chair of UK

Xuseen Muxumed Cusmaan
Chair of Somalia

MS Suchi
Chair of Singapore
VP of SE Asia

Indunil Fernando
Chair of Sri Lanka
VP ~ Asia Affairs

Messiana Corboni
Co-Chair of Italy

Farid Ahmadi
Co-Chair of Afghanistan

Nancy Hadi
Regional Chair of MENA
Chair of Egypt

Awlad Bhuiyan
Chair of Bangladesh
VP of Eastern Asia

Dr. Ruby Bakshi Khurdi
Chair of Switzerland
VP of Women's Empowerment

Rolando Rodriquez
Chair of Cuba

Khalid Rafiq
Chair of Pakistan

Sharon Bingert
Chair of USA
VP of Training & Development

Josh Daniel
VP &Chair of Nigeria
VP of Nigeria

Ashaba Faridah
VP & Chair of Uganda

Abou Baldeh
Chair of the Gambia

Barbara Josefina Taylor Galindo
Chair of Guatemala

Ananda Nepali
Chair of Nepal

Mahtab Hendi Keramati
Chair of Iran

Dr. Edna Joyce
(Fatima) Santos
Chair of UAE

Jolyne Jelimo
VP & Chair of Kenya

Raphael Eluemuno Ajalie
Chair of Liberia
VP of Project Management ~ Africa

Ron Marx
Chair of Belgium 

Kamal Abeysinghe
Co~Chair of Sri Lanka


Bojana Bogojevic
Chair of Serbia

Alexander Evengroen
Chair of Cambodia
VP of Global Communications

Selasi Nyakpo
Chair of Ghana

Joseph Mosa
Chair of Indonesia
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