Dr Ruby Bakshi Khurdi is an Award winning International Speaker, Human Resources Trainer, Innovative Academician teaching management courses in private universities in Switzerland. She is invited to speak and give workshops in various conferences all over the world.  She is the Vice President of Global Board for Women Empowerment & Development for Global Goodwill Ambassadors. Recently she was appointed as Ambassador for #LinkedInforawomen initiative.


In this Educational program, she talks about Emotional Intelligence - Connecting people & Improving Performance.    


What is Emotional Intelligence (EI)? 

# Why is it important? 

# Why should be practice EI?

# How we can work over our emotions in order to perform efficiently both at work and home! 


In her TEDx talk ‘ Learning Human values via Emotional Intelligence’, she explains us in detail about EI and Human values.  



1) You will be watching TWO videos, scroll down to the comments section, the questions to be answered are in the pinned post. Kindly register before taking the class and sending answers to the questions. Please find the link to the videos below. 


2) Kindly mail answers to all the questions at Rubybhakshi@hotmail.com. Upon successful completion & receipt of your mails, you will be awarded Humanitarian Certificate for Emotional Intelligence - Share Care Appreciate Love Respect Empower.   

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Emotional Intelligence (EI)
By: Dr. Ruby Bakshi Khurdi

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