Cross-cultural Diversity, Inclusion, and Sensitivity Training

By: Dr. Ameena Ali, VP of Inclusion and Diversity

Global Board, GGA

Ongoing Course

As a part of Humanitarian effort as an Global Ambassador of Goodwill, it is imperative that we meet the goals of our missions understanding that there is a right way to do things and a humanitarian way to do things. As both are correct, respectively, our effort and means of service will be to offer a bit of training to you.


Holding such a prestigious title of a Global Goodwill Ambassador shouldn't come with just a nomination and a few kind words, there should be a standard that you hold, to allow the world to see the distinction in you! Just like you had to sign a code of ethics to allow notice of expectations, there are a few things we will be doing together with other Humanitarians and Worlds Helpers and we need to subscribe to that same effort of truth of treatment and trust.


To earn this certificate, you will be tasked with visiting this YouTube Site.


Please begin with the Overview (:59:) and the continue with the Introduction (5;43). When you have completed the course, you will have viewed ll 15 videos in the series. None of them are longer than seven (7) minutes, but the series will offer short videos that you are to watch and then answer the questions at the end of the videos; your answers will be recorded on this end. After you have finished ALL for the videos and ALL of the required answers are received on this end. you will be sent, via email, your personalized certificate of completion (see example below) available for you to print out and hang for all to see!


Please know that this training will be used to help you build a better respect of others and a greater respect for self that others will give to you as well!

**Please note all questions for each video are listed on each video page as a comment.**

Once you have completed all videos and questions, please send the answers to
Ali in a Word document to her email listed below. Please include the video number with each question you answer for full credit to receive the certificate of completion.

Please complete all videos and questions and send together in one document.

Email for Dr. Ameena Ali is as follows:
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