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Creative Sustainable Development Goals

Professor: Annesha Kar Gupta

Email: ambassadorannesha@gmail.com


Online Class: Active and On-going

Instructor: Annesha Kar Gupta, GGA

Overview of Course:

The course content is to help everyone identify the UN-Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) are falling sharply. With this information, individuals will be able to share their thinking in a creative way to help SDGs become successful to help make our world a better place.

This course can help bring success to UN-SDGs by building awareness on the progress of UN SDGs. When people will know more in detail about SDGs, then they can contribute individually towards its progress and also can bring changes to government work because we the people form government.

Course Instructions:

There are two units which people need to study:

  • One PDF Slide which contains all the information

  • One video lecture of 15 minutes that learners need to watch which explains the PDF slides 

Course Objectives:

1. What are Millennium Development Goals

2. What are Sustainable Development Goals

3. What is the current progress of Sustainable Development Goals

4. How to certify your skills and bring changes to your society

Required Text Readings/Videos:

Video Link: 

Please click on the PDF below to view the course material.

Test Questions: