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GGAF offers free courses to help individuals in all countries have the means to get skill-based education to increase their ability to gain meaningful employment and/or learn skills to use at their current workplace.

Our goal is to help individuals lift themselves out of hunger and extreme poverty. GGAF seeks to ensure that all people, even those with little to no income, can access the opportunities needed to succeed in school and in their personal lives. Ultimately, we want to facilitate learning moments that build critical competencies and long-lasting working relationships to help dramatically improve human development outcomes around the world. 

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Narcissism & Narcissistic Toxic

Relationship Awareness

By: Dr. Bindu Babu
Class is Now Open
Registration is Open: Click on course instructions for full details


Overview of Course:

This course is designed to 
bring more awareness to the debilitating and gut-wrenching circumstance of being in a Toxic Narcissistic Abusive Relationship. On completion of this course, you will have the ability to recognize a Narcissistic Toxic Relationship where you can aid others to to seek professional help. 

Victims of a Narcissistic Toxic Abuse require healing and support to get their authentic self and the life they deserve, back again. 

Please click on Course Instructions for full details.

Love, Light, and Positivity

By: GGA UK Team
Start Date: January 4, 2021 (Duration: Six months)

Registration is Open: Click on course instructions for full details
This course is a mixture of live online lessons, pre-recorded songs/videos, and writing tasks/documents, and presentations

Overview of Course:

This course is designed to support and empower individuals in our society to build internal and external happiness and all-around positivity/self-love and kindness. We want to support people in improving their overall mindset so that it can be led by happiness, positivity, and transformation.


The UK GGA team believes that this is an imperative time to work together, driving force, and create positive, impactful change for all humanity across the world. We each specialize in different areas and working as a collective, we wish to create something that can benefit people especially now (during this pandemic) which can have long-lasting positive effects.


Essential Question of the Course:

How to move towards living an empowering life of love, light and positivity?

Please click on Course Instructions for full details.

Powerful Teams and Productive Projects

By: Janani Rasanjali Liyanage
Start Date: 29th September 19.30 p.m. -23.30 p.m. IST. The similar class will repeat every 3 months


This course is an introductory workshop that gives an overview to participants:

  • A high performing teams model to increase transparency, feedback loop & accountability

  • Increase Productivity of projects via a simple framework to Plan-Do-Check-Act the work throughout the lifecycle


This is an introductory workshop to learn a framework to solve complex problems as well as to grow high performing teams.

Please click on Course Instructions for full details.

Lead with Personal Agility

By: Janani Rasanjali Liyanage
Online Class Meeting Dates: August 28th, 20.00 pm. - 22.30 pm IST; Similar classes will repeat monthly.

The Personal Agility System helps you to:

  • Find Balance & Impact in Life By Awakening The Inner Leader In You

  • The shift from Busy Exhaustive Life to Smart Meaningful Life

  • Get More Things That Matters Most to You as A Person & Professional

  • Align Your Stakeholders, Coach Teams Towards Ownership & Achieve Valuable Outcomes In Your life or Projects or Organizations


This is an introductory workshop to personal Agility mindset & tools to kick start your journey to do more things matters to you, celebrate & choose your life

Please click on Course Instructions for full details.

Creative Sustainable Development Goals

By: Annesha Kar Gupta
Active and Ongoing

This course is to help everyone identify which UN-Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) are falling sharply. Everyone can find the information on the SDGs and share their thinking in a creative way to help SDGs become successful in making our world a better place.

Course Objectives:

1. What are Millennium Development Goals

2. What are Sustainable Development Goals

3. The current progress of Sustainable Development Goals

4. How to certify your skills and bring changes to your society

Please click on Course Instructions for full details.

GGA Youth Global Change Leaders 2020: Cohort 3

By: Jolyne Jelimo, VP of Global Change Leaders, GGA
Course Dates: Applications are open now. Please click on course instructions.

Class Dates: April 17 and April 24th, 2021
Two-Week Cohort

The Global Change leaders program is a 2-week cohort education program offered by Global Goodwill Ambassadors Foundation for youth Leadership. This program enables youth from developing countries to strengthen their leadership capacities in order to contribute to innovation and change in their humanitarian organizations and their communities.

Please click on the "course instructions" tab for full detail regarding this course. 
Mentors/Trainers will be needed as well as students. Guidelines for both are located with the full details of this class once you click on "course Instructions."

Please have your LinkedIn profile as you will need this when completing the application.  This is found in the contact section of your LinkedIn profile.

Applications for Students and Application for Trainer or Mentor is linked to the page  you are being directed to. Thank you.

Please click on Course Instructions for full details.


"I Choose Civility"
Level 1 Civility Ambassador Course

By: Dr. Lew Bayer (Hon.)
Ongoing Course

Civility starts with you and you can be a Civility Champion. The first step is learning about civility. For example, many people think that civility is just about being kind or practicing good manners. Civility is much more than that. It is a teachable, learnable skill that can have significant impact on the quality of our relationships, careers, politics, and more. Once you understand how civility impacts us every day…from preventing schoolyard bullying to fostering world peace…you can be an Ambassador for the core values that civility represents. The course offers general insights, definitions, tools, supports, and resources that you can use in your home, school, community, or workplace to start the conversation about civility. The core concepts reviewed in the course have broad application and would be of interest to civil-minded people from all around the world.


Course is 4 hours. Does not need to be completed in one sitting.  

Please click on Course Instructions for full details.


My Body Is My Body
Introduction to Child Maltreatment

By: Chrissy Sykes
Start Date: December 4, 2019
Ongoing Course

My Body Is My Body is an "Introduction to Child Maltreatment. Through this course you will learn how to present this free program to help prevent child abuse. Please note there are two parts to this course and you will earn a "Presenter" certificate once both are complete.

This course is designed to cover:
Why we need to teach about Maltreatment; Worldwide Facts about Maltreatment; How Child Maltreatment affects a community's quality of life and economic prosperity; Different Types and Signs of Maltreatment; How to react when a child discloses their abuse to you; Basics on how to report child abuse; How to teach the My Body is My Body Prevention Program

Please click on Course Instructions for full details.

Foundation Trans.png
Course Instructions

Expanding Global Influence

By: Professor Maria Paradiso-Testa
Start Date: December 1, 2019

Course is closed. Please check back for future dates

Designed to take you through a journey of examining and self-reflecting to determine if your VOICE is being used in "Expanding Global Influence." Considering there are more than 70% International LinkedIn members, it's the ideal social media platform to grow your worldwide connections. Learn how to find a need; get involved; share your talents; volunteer your time to help others and other areas of individual growth.

Please click on Course Instructions for full details.


Emotional Intelligence (EI)

By: Dr. Ruby Bakshi Khurdi, GGA
Course is open and ongoing

This course covers Emotional Intelligence  - connecting people and improving performance. Learn how to deal with emotions in order to perform efficiently both at work and home. 

Please click on Course Instructions for full details.


Women's Empowerment Humanitarian Training

By: Dr. Ruby Bakshi Khurdi, VP of Women's Empowerment and Development, Global Board GGA
Course is open and ongoing

During this course, Dr. Ruby will explain the following concepts:

  • What is Women's Empowerment?

  • Why do we need to empower women?

  • Why are the various myths associated with it?

  • How can we help each other?

Please click on Course Instructions for full details.

training 1.png

Leadership Skills for HIgh-Performance

By: Senela Jayasuriya, MBA, GGA

Areas covered during this course:

  • How to develop your authentic leadership style

  • Communication strategies to communicate better as a leader

  • Time management and decision making skills

Please click on Course Instructions for full details.

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