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Love, Light, and Positivity

By: GGA UK Team
Start Date: January 4, 2021 (Duration: Six months)

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This course is a mixture of live online lessons, pre-recorded songs/videos, and writing tasks/documents, and presentations

Overview of Course:

This course is designed to support and empower individuals in our society to build internal and external happiness and all-around positivity/self-love and kindness. We want to support people in improving their overall mindset so that it can be led by happiness, positivity, and transformation.


The UK GGA team believes that this is an imperative time to work together, driving force, and create positive, impactful change for all humanity across the world. We each specialize in different areas and working as a collective, we wish to create something that can benefit people especially now (during this pandemic) which can have long-lasting positive effects.


Essential Question of the Course:

How to move towards living an empowering life of love, light and positivity?

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