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Your gift is what enables us to deliver life-changing services to meet the needs of the disadvantaged and most vulnerable families around our world. We are here to help fund initiatives around the world for prevention of child abuse, preventive care, helping the elderly, veterans, education, disaster relief, homeless and poverty, along with the "girl child" and more while focusing on the UN SDGs


With more than 18,500 volunteers in 215 nations and territories, our nonprofit is unique in that we get our projects from our communities throughout the world and solve many issues through our own volunteers. 

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Global Goodwill Ambassadors Foundation is a 501(c)3 tax-exempt nonprofit

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GGA is able to provide donors with a letter of donation for tax deduction purposes

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tax laws).

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Providing Hope to Children

All officially approved GGA initiatives are listed on this website. Funds are only accepted through this website or our GGAF Learning Institute. If you wish to run an initiative using our logo or name, please reach to Lisa Jones via

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My Body Is My Body

This child abuse program is free, but we need to leave the children with booklets for reference and proceeds will go to the printing of these booklets to help the children.
Chrissy Skyes' My Body is My Body free m

GGAF is supporting the Mayo Clinic to help provide LOVE, HOPE, and COMFORT to children with extreme and long-term medical conditions. 

We are committed to the continued support of the Mayo Clinic as sadly new children will be admitted with long-term sicknesses such as cancer. 

The Mayo Clinic is rated #1 in the world and has helped many children and families from different countries. 
Please open your hearts with love and donate today to provide these gifts. 

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Chrissy Skyes' My Body is My Body free m
Chrissy Skyes' My Body is My Body free m
Chrissy Skyes' My Body is My Body free m
Chrissy Skyes' My Body is My Body free m
Chrissy Skyes' My Body is My Body free m
Chrissy Skyes' My Body is My Body free m
Chrissy Skyes' My Body is My Body free m
Chrissy Skyes' My Body is My Body free m

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