"I Choose Civility"  (Level 1 Civility Ambassador Certificate)
By: Dr. Lew Bayer (Hon.)

Dr. Lew Bayer (Hon)

For almost 20 years Dr. Lew Bayer (Hon.) has been internationally recognized as the leading expert on civility at work. With a focus on social intelligence and culturally-competent communication, the team at Civility Experts – which includes 367 affiliates in 43 countries has supported 100’s of organizations in building better workplaces. In addition to her role as CEO of international civility training group Civility Experts Inc.  www.CivilityExperts.com which includes The Civility Speakers Bureau and Propriety Publishing.

Lew is Chair of the International Civility Trainers’ Consortium, President of The Center for Organizational Cultural Competence www.culturalcompetence.ca, and Founder of the In Good Company Etiquette Academy Franchise Group www.ingoodcompanyetiquette.com. Most recently, Lew was selected as an International Advocate for Aegis Trust, a UK based organization focused on peace education and the prevention of genocide. 

"I Choose Civility" – Level 1 Civility Ambassador Course

Civility starts with you and you can be a Civility Champion. The first step is learning about civility. For example, many people think that civility is just about being kind or practicing good manners. Civility is much more than that. It is a teachable, learnable skill that can have a significant impact on the quality of our relationships, careers, politics, and more. Once you understand how civility impacts us every day…from preventing schoolyard bullying to fostering world peace…you can be an Ambassador for the core values that civility represents. The course offers general insights, definitions, tools, supports, and resources that you can use in your home, school, community, or workplace to start the conversation about civility. The core concepts reviewed in the course have broad application and would be of interest to civil-minded people from all around the world.


Course is 4 hours. It does not need to be completed in one sitting.  

Course Instructions

Create your login: Course is delivered via Thinkific, free login – no fee for the

course.  https://civilityexperts.thinkific.com/

Combination of videos and online presentation materials.  

Course Modules

The Level 1 certificate course is 8 short modules. Each module is about 30 minutes and you can complete the course in an estimated 4 hours.

Each module includes:

• 2 links to articles related to the topic

• 1 YouTube clip related to the topic

• 1 activity or exercise

• Knowledge materials and a short quiz.

• Upon completion of the course, you are eligible to receive a Civility Ambassador

Program Level 1 Graduate Certificate

Course Topics Include:

MODULE 1: Introduction

MODULE 2: Civility Starts with You

MODULE 3: Civility at Home

MODULE 4: Civility at School

MODULE 5: Civility in the Community

MODULE 6: Civility in Politics

MODULE 7: Civility Around the World

MODULE 8: What's Next?

NOTE: This course serves as a prerequisite for the Certified Civility at Work Trainer Certification Program, the Social Competence Trainer Program, the Certified Culture Coach Certification, The Golden Rule Civility Statesman Certificate and the Peace and Civility Dialogue Practitioner Certifications. Anyone who takes this free course will receive 4 credit hours towards any of the programs listed above.


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