By: Rafia Malik

Ongoing Course


This course is designed to provide and increase your knowledge and awareness of what bullying actually is and how bullying has, over the years shifted to cyberbullying with the use of digital devices and how anti-cyberbullying are the various ways in which cyberbullying should be prevented and avoided.

This course will also provide information about how bullying /cyberbullying affects one's lifestyle emotionally, psychologically and physically short term and long term. As well as how cyberbullying affects one's mental health and well being.

How to Successfully Earn a Certificate upon Completion of this course:

1) There will be a series of 5 videos to watch including the introductory video talking about how the course will work. The videos will start with the introduction video at 2:25 followed by Video#1.

2) The following video's to watch will be as follows:

Video#1  :What is Cyberbullying
Video #2  :What is Anti-Cyberbullying
Video#3   :Bullying & Its Effects on Mental Health
Video#4  :Methods of Anti-Cyberbullying

3) After each video (in the comments section) there will be a question to answer.

After answering each question, send all your answers along with the corresponding video for each question combined in one email to:

4) After I receive and review your answers, you will be awarded with a Certificate of Completion for Anti-Cyberbullying that will be sent to you by email that you'll be able to print.

5) Last but not least, if there is anyone you know that will benefit from this topic, please like, comment and share these videos with them so they may benefit as well. That would be greatly appreciated. GOOD LUCK TO ALL! :)

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