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Alina Pelka, Visits Nigeria

Once upon a time, in the non-internet era, far away, in a country behind the iron curtain there lived a girl. When she was 15, she founded by accident her first pen-pal who was a boy living in Ghana. That time she couldn't know it was a sign of destiny and that after many years Africa would call her to come! Africa Never forgets its children, even if it is just the "adopted daughter" from Poland. 
I didn't choose Africa - Africa chose me first.

Thank you Africa!

Ashaba Faridah
Chair of Uganda, GGA
Bambino Life Outreach Event

Join the Global Campaign for Quality Education
Cynthia Obinwanne
Talklove Africa Foundation

Josh Daniel and Team Nigeria
April 2019 Meeting
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Ghana team pays tribute at the late
Kofi Annan Memorial
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