AFRICA: GGA Work and Initiatives

Community Meeting with Edwin Kibe, GGA Director - Kenya: Addiction & Rehabilitation planning for the community in need.

Cynthia Obinwanne and Team
TalkLove Africa Foundation - Founder; GGA Director - Nigeria
Making an impact through their local community through provisions of food, clothing and educational supplies.
Ashaba Faridah & Team
VP/Chair of Uganda
Bambino Life Community Outreach Event to distribute sanitary pads and also teach young mothers and young girls how to use these and properly clean reusable ones to cut down on infection.

Adama Kalokoh, GGA- USA visits Sierra Leone and gives 28 orphan girls a "Memorable Day."

Mask Distribution by Hope Ambassadors & Childcare Organization

Sotikare Victoria Ibiyemi with  Wuraola and her team, and her amazing team leads and volunteers Reached out to over 300 children and adults in December 2020 in celebrating Christmas party.

Alina Pelka Visits Nigeria

Hope Ambassadors: Water and Sanitation Project

Wheels of Hope Rising Foundation

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Quality Education Cynthia Obinwanne
Talklove Africa Foundation
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